What are people saying about The Everything Parent’s Guide to Special Education?The Everything Parents Guide To Special Education

“Amanda Morin has a thoroughly researched guide to every angle you need to consider when advocating for your child with special needs.”

The Everything Parent’s Guide to Special Education: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Advocating for Your Child with Special Needs by Amanda Morin is exactly the type of book many of our readers are looking for. It will help you be your child’s best advocate!”

This book is Amazing! The author gives you every tip you can think of or never even imagined when it comes to helping your kid get the services he or she needs to be their very best.

What are people saying about The Everything Kids’ Learning Activities Book?The Everything Kids Learning Activities Book by Amanda Morin

“Not only has Amanda carefully designed and crafted learning activities that are fun, but including them during routine family activities like carpooling, dinner, housecleaning and grocery shopping is brilliant. Parents now have the ability to infuse learning opportunities into their busy lifestyles, and their children will definitely benefit from this.”

“This book covers a wide range of subjects and skills, including sight words, vocabulary, storytelling, spelling, counting, money, measuring, life science, magnets, earth science, history and more. I was really surprised by the huge range.”

“This book provides a wealth of ideas for parents to support the learning experiences of their children.”

What are people saying about On-The-Go Fun for Kids! ? 

“Avoid a meltdown with games to keep your kids smiling in these eight common vacation situations. Family vacations should be when joyful memories are made, but whether you’ve got one kid or four, chaos seems inevitable. With ideas from On-the-Go Fun For Kids by Amanda Morin, you’ll be prepared with games and activities to entertain the kids in each of these common vacation scenarios.”

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